Elizabeth Johnson

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Elizabeth Johnson

Post  tigerluv13 on Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:34 am

Full name: Elizabeth Marie Johnson (Ellie)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthdate: November 7th
Nationality: Irish/Italian
Eye colour: Dark Green
Hair colour: Dark Brown

Applying as: Boarding Student
Year/Grade: 3rd (of high school)
Do you expect Financial Aid: Yes
Do you need an SSAT: No
Student GPA:
Student Background: Good student, not a troublemaker
Dorm occupancy preferred: A roommate
Planned Roommates: None

Qualities: (at least 3) Sweet, Athletic, Funny
Flaws: (at least 3) Loud, Stands up for what she believes in, Nosey.
Health: healthy
Medication: none
Autobiography: I'm from a small family. We always struggled with money and didn't have or do muh fun stuff. I always said that I'd do my best in school and try hard so that I could make a good living and help out my family.

Students Name: Elizabeth Marie Johnson
Students Tuition: £1500
Students Room Number: Willow House - 2nd Floor - Room 1
Students Locker Number: 3
Comments: I look forward to hearing more about you. I hope you like your room and roommate Hazel.


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